ProTeam Reverse



The product ProTeam Reverse is a unique granular product that is formulated to remove excess chlorine from your pool water. Results can be seen in as little as 1 hour. After application, the pool may be used once the chlorine levels are at or below 3 ppm.


Read entire label and use in accordance with directions and caution statements. NEVER MIX DIFFERENT PRODUCTS TOGETHER IN THE SMAE BOTTLE OR PAIL. ADD THIS PRODUCT DIRECTLY TO THE POOL OR SPA WATER. After use, pool use may resume once chlorine levels are reduced to 3ppm or less.

  1. If a superchlorinating shock has recently been applied to the pool, allow 12 hours before you proceed to use this product.
  2. Measure the available chlorine or bromine in the water before adding this product.
  3. Calculate the ppm of available chlorine or bromine to be removed from the water.
  4. With the pump on, add 2.5 ounces of this product for every 10,00 gallons to reduce 1 ppm of chlorine or bromine. Additionally, the chart below shows how much bromine or chlorine will be removed when this product is applied to the water. Apply product directly to the pool by broadcasting it over the surface of the water. Do not apply product directly into windy conditions. Do not add treatment through the skimmer.
  5. Recordable results will usually occur within 1 hour of use. However, pump turnover and other conditions may reduce total time for chlorine reduction. Continuously circulate until desired ppm is achieved.
Volume of Pool In Gallons 1 ppm 3 ppm 5 ppm 10 ppm
10,000 1/4 C 3/4 C 1 -1/4 C 2-2/3 C
20,000 1/2 C 1-1/2 C 2-2/3 C 5-1/4 C
30,000 3/4 C 2-1/4 C 4 C 8 C
40,000 1 C 3-1/4 C 5-1/4 C 10-2/3 C
50,000 1-1/3 C 4 C 6-2/3 C 13-2/3 C