ProTeam Gentle Spa



ProTeam Spa Gentle Spa improves water condition to leave skin soft and moisturized while reducing eye and skin irritation. This product leaves a fresh fragrance and is pH neutral. It is also proven to reduce sanitizer consumption. Gentle Spa gives water a soft, silky feel and helps maintain better water balance. Keeping your spa balanced is an important step in getting the most out of and preserving the life of spa equipment.

Initial Treatment:

4 oz per 150 gallons of water.

Routine Maintenance:

2 oz per 150 gallons of water per week.


After filling your spa or hot tub, add 1 capful or 4 oz. of ProTeam Gentle Spa for every 150 gallons of water. The pH neutral conditioner may be added at the rate of 1/2 capful or 2 oz. for every 150 gallons between draining spa or hot tub to continue enhancement of water quality and reduction of eye and skin irritation.