Salt Support System Start



The Salt Support System Start product is a special formula that is intended for saltwater pools, but can be applied to regular pools as well. This product will help make pool maintenance easier and also help protect your pools equipment, particularly the salt cell generator. Once in the water this probuct will make alkalinity and pH more sustainable. Use of this product will increase sanitizer effectiveness, and provide soft an silky swimming water that is comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Intended for saltwater pools, but can be applied to regular pools as well
  • Make pool maintenance easier and also help protect your pools equipment
  • Make alkalinity, sanitizer, and pH more sustainabl


NEVER mix different products together in the same bottle or pail. Add this product directly to the pool water. This product may get hard over time, store in a cool dry place in-between uses.

  1. Do not use this product if your cyanuric acid levels are exceeding 50 ppm. See your dealer for equivalent product with stabilizers.
  2. Calculate the TOTAL AMOUNT of this product to be added. INITIAL DOSE: 2.5 pounds for every 1,000 gallons of water.
  3. With the pump running, introduce 1/2 the total amount of product needed in your pool. Apply the other 1/2 of the product at least 8 hours later. Apply the product to surface area of the pool with the pump running. Avoid applying to the pool when outdoor conditions are breezy or windy. Brush undissolved particles that may have settled to the bottom of the pool. Some product may remain at the surface of the pool water or pool bottom, but will dissolve with normal circulation and agitation. Under certain conditions pool may effervesce for 1 to 3 minutes after product is added to the pool. Pool may be used 15 minutes after particulate has dissolved.
  4. Operate pool pump and filter continuously for 24 hours. Once circulated for 24 hours adjust water balance to their ideal ranges.
  5. Test the pool water regularly and as normal with this product in the water. Sanitizer levels need to be maintained at levels indicated on the sanitizer label. Residual of this product should be tested at least once each month and maintained between 30 and 50 ppm. Your local dealer can provide this test. Typically this product does not need to be reapplied during the season. Once in the water this product is only lost due to excessive splash-out, backwashing, or when plenty of new water is added to the pool.

Weight N/A

10lb, 25LB