We carry a premium line of pool chemicals to assure all of our customers have access to the best. Made in the USA since 1968, Durachlor's borate technology provides a softener feel to the water so that every swim feels light, silky and perfect. Through Durachlor, we offer a a 100% algae-free guarantee. Stop by the store on Commercial Drive or order online and get home delivery.

We carry L.A. Spas not only because the are a great product with a wide variety of styles and colors, but also because they offer a price range for everyone. Starting at $2,995, a new spa is completely affordable. L.A. Spas is the only spa company that offers a full line of swim spas and they're also the only company to offer the Aqua Klean® filtration system to give you ultimate water management. Enjoy better fitness, hydrotherapy, relaxation, and lasting beauty with L.A. Spas. Stop by and see our displays at the store at 4780 Commercial Drive.

Tucker Backyard also has full replacement parts, accessories, SpaPure chemicals and more in stock. If we don't have just what you need, we can get it delivered right to your home.

Looking to upgrade your spa? Ask us about our trade in program!

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27 different options of gorgeous liner patterns await you with Latham Liners – rustic stone, geometric patterns, mosaics and more. Their Performance Pool Products offer a great variety to fit any taste. Their UltraSeam technology comes standard on every Performance liner - it's the strongest seam you'll NEVER see! Latham liners are made from the finest vinyl and treated with a special fungicide to inhibit bacteria growth, are virtually maintenance-free and smooth to the touch.

Blue Cascade above ground pools will transform your backyard into a family entertainment center while complimenting the beauty of our home. The durability of Blue Cascade pools is second to none with an oversized frame, column uprights and resin bottom rails. There is a variety of styles for you to choose from – with models coming with a 20, 30, 40 or even 60 year limited warranty, including 2-5 full year. What are you waiting for? Your backyard is calling...