For some customers, opening and closing their pool each season can prove to be a complicated ordeal. Stress no more! Tucker Backyard provides professional, timely service and skilled staff - and in less than an hour, you can be up and running or safely shut down for the season.

To open your pools, we'll take your cover off, start the pump and filter and assure everything is working properly, chemically treat the water and install ladder/handrails. We will also take a close look at all elements of your pool as we open it and alert you to any issues we think need to be addressed. To close your pool and avoid any damage over the winter, we diligently remove water from the lines, do a proper treatment of chemicals to prevent algae for the months it will be covered and then place the cover over it so that the elements stay out.

Schedule your opening or close today by calling Ben and the team at (315) 507-4630 or stop by 4780 Commercial Drive in New Hartford, NY (across from Consumer Square).